DEFY – Dance Editorial Fearless Youth

defy-logo-05Dance Editorial is proud to present our latest innovation; DEFY – Dance Editorial Fearless Youth.

DEFY, encompasses our youth programs, dedicated to the training, education and mentorship of our young dancers from all over Australia.

Some of our DEFY initiatives are as follows: DEFY Workshop tour, which will tour around Australia once a year, bringing  a dance experience to a city near you.

DEFY Workshops, will bring you top choreographers from all over Australia, but unlike any other workshop day, we will make it an unforgettable experience with Yoga classes, a Jam Session, (where we can all share and do what we love…dance), a Meet and Greet, (where you get to speak to the choreographers in an intimate setting, get to know them better and pick their brains for all things about the industry and life), plus so much more. A tour filled with joy and laughter, supporting and celebrating each other and  inspiration.

Our second initiative is DEFY PPDC, our Pre-Professional course, Dance Editorial Pre-Professional Dance Course is the essential course for all elite dancers aged 12-17 years old. PPDC aims not only to train the body but also to look after the mind and soul of our young dancers. This is the only course in Australia that gives young dancers a full-time dance experience while teaching them the essential skills to have longevity in the industry.

We are excited to continue to share our expansions of our Youth Projects.

Be a part of the future!

DEFY, another incarnation of everything Dance Editorial stands for; DEFYing the norm, making your own path and leaving your mark on this world, the way you choose.

Go to our DEFY Workshops and DEFY PPDC pages for further information.