Dale came out of the womb dancing… and hasn’t stopped yet! From humble beginnings training at Brent Street to Dubai and Paris to starting his own entertainment company, Mission Entertainment Co. in QLD.

Dale has plans for world domination, starting with his latest creation; Diamonds After Dark!

Keep reading to find out more about Australia’s very own diamond in the rough.



Full Name: Dale Molloy

Nationality: Australian

Age: 30

Star Sign: Libra

Favourite dance style to do? Commercial Jazz


Do you have a favourite choreographer? If yes, who?

If so, who and why? Old school would be Bob Fosse, because his style is so unique and effective, you can’t take your eyes away and someone I found very inspirational during my training back in the day at Brent Street was Jacqui Howard, she oozed talent and has such experience and knowledge to give back about the industry. 

Who are your heroes?

 Anyone who ever took a risk and made it happen for them self, entrepreneurs basically.

When did you start dancing and why?

I came out of the womb dancing, It was a very natural progression, but actual classes came when I was five.

What 3 words would you choose to describe yourself? 

Honest, Silly and brave.

What have you been up to in the last couple of years? 

In a nutshell I was principal Male Dancer on Sydney Showboat, then spent 6 months in Paris, followed by Dubai and now finally back in Australia, about to produce my first show Diamonds After Dark in March at Home of The Arts, 16th-17th March on the Gold Coast for my company Mission Entertainment Co.


What are your plans for the next couple of years?

 I would love to tour Diamonds After Dark, and have it in casinos around Asia and then marry my fiancé Adrian 🙂

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Who knows where this world will take me, definitely travelling the world, having huge success with Mission Entertainment Co.

What is your dream job?

I’m lucky enough to now be doing it.


Untitled design-7
Diamonds After Dark

Come with us on a journey to enchanted and dazzling places, where your fantasies and dreams come to life after dark.

Starring the breathtaking vocals of Nicole Skye, recording artist and international musical theatre star, as well as a cast of Australia’s leading professional singers, dancers and aerial artists who have graced stages around the globe. From Paris to Macau, London and more, this dynamic cast will dazzle you with their incredible talent as they electrify the stage.

Are you ready to escape? Witness spectacular showgirls and magical worlds that sparkle and come to life at night, to gypsies, jewels and travelling shows.

Your fantasies and dreams await you.

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