Australia’s SYTYCD days lasted a mere 4 seasons while the American version is about to embark on their 14th season! Despite the last season of SYTYCD Australia airing in 2014, the Australian dance scene is still buzzing with more dancers than ever coming together to create, innovate and share their love for dance with the rest of the world.

Take a trip down memory lane with our top 10 routines from So You Think You Can Dance Australia!

10. Matt Geronimi and Jessie Hesketh

Jazz Season 3

Choreographer: Project Moda

9. Michael Dameski X Renelle Jones

Contemporary Season 4

Choreographed by Paul Malek


8. Robbie and Phillipe

Hip Hop- Season 3

Choreographer: Tiana Canterbury

7.  Chris Tsattalios and Maddie Peat

Contemporary – Season 4

Choreographer: Sarah Boulter


6. Robbie Kmetoni and Jessie Hesketh

Contemporary – Season 3

Choreographer: Sarah Boulter

5. Talia and Charlie

Contemporary – Season 2

Choreographer: Larrissa McGowan

4.  Talia Fowler and BJ

Lyrical Hip Hop- Season 2

Choreographers: Tabitha & Napoleon

3. Top 20 group performance

Jazz Season 3

Choreographer: Kelly Abbey

2. Top 4 – Lauren Seymour, Jay Johns, Renelle Jones , Michael Dameski

Jazz- Season 4

Choreographers: Squared Division

  1. Michael Dameski

Contemporary – Season 4


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