As a thirteen year old, Anthony Takataka, like many young teenage boys, would have rather played rugby league than dance. Anthony’s mum wanted him to dance for years but he couldn’t shake the ‘male dancer’ stereotype.

“One day my mum asked me again to try a hip hop class at Dorothy Cowie School of dancing, and for some strange reason I ended up going to it, 6 years later here I am, all about that live love dance life” he said.

In 2016, Anthony enrolled in Brent Street’s Fulltime Triple Threat course where he had the opportunity to learn from some amazing choreographers and dancers. However, he draws inspiration from choreographers David McLean, Cameron Mitchell and Marko Panzic.

“My favourite choreographer would have to be David McLean because every class I attend of his is never a disappointment,” he said.

“No matter how hype or deep the class is, I always leave even more motivated/inspired from when I get there.”

“He is just always so humble and grateful to everyone and everything,” Anthony said.

After discovering the great lineup of choreographers for ‘Love Is Love,’ he decided to audition for the show in hopes to learn and work from them.

“The audition for Love is Love was hands down the best audition I have attended,” he said.

“Both dance calls were so much fun and the vibes in the room were peaking.”

“There was no sign of nerves in that audition room at all which I love,” Anthony said.

After a hundred dancers auditioned, Anthony was given the role of the ‘Son’ which he feels will suit him really well.

“I want to bring good vibes to the production whether that is on or off the stage,” he said.

“I hope I can make the audience feel same way I feel at the very moment I am performing, whether it’s happy or sad,” he said.

With ‘Love Is Love’ being Anthony’s first touring production, he hopes to gain a world of knowledge and experience.


Do you have any advice for aspiring young performers?

My advice to young male dancers, who are afraid of being judged by others about dancing, is to not worry about those who are judging you/or are going to judge you, but to keep the ones that support your choice for wanting to dance closer! My advice to others, Live, Love, Dance and Dance like no ones watching!

Catch Anthony on our ‘Love Is Love’ tour in Sydney, Central Coast and Canberra! Buy your tickets here.

Follow him on his socials to get a behind the scenes scoop on the production.

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By Monique Lombardo


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