Dancing on stage is a feeling like no other. It doesn’t just provide an outlet for the dancer to share their world, but inspires a fire within the audience. For Love Is Love lead dancer Renee Fearnley, this is what she hopes to bring to the show.

“My major goal is to have an impact on the audience. I hope to take them on a journey so they can really connect with the meaning of the piece, and walk away feeling inspired.”

Renee started dancing at the age of six, but her parents always said that any time there was music on, she wouldn’t stop dancing.

Since then, Renee studied fulltime at Brent Street Certificate IV and has had the opportunity represent Rachel Disalvo- Swimwear launch, Optus, Toyota, Mazda, One Fine Baby Sydney, Nuskin Asia Pacific, Club Tropicana Cruises, Chinese New Year and many more.

However, it was the creative and passionate line up of choreographers is what drew Rene to audition for Love Is Love.

“The audition was exhilarating, fun and exhausting all at the same time,” she said.

“The audition round was like no other, as every one was there supporting each other’s passion for dance, instead of it being a competition.”

“Allowing everyone the chance to showcase themselves,” she said.

photo studio glam .jpg

With over 100 talented dancers auditioning for the show, Renee was offered the role of the daughter.

She is excited to learn not only from the choreographers but also the other dancers in the show.

“I can’t wait to push my boundaries and improve a variety of styles, as well as the process involved in creating the show,” she said.

Do you have any advice for aspiring young performers?

” I believe everyone has a different journey in achieving their goals, however it is important to continuously work towards becoming a versatile dancer; and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP!

You can buy your tickets to the show here!

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Written by Monique Lombardo



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