For many young dancers, it’s always been a dream to dance on stage in front of thousands of people, but to dance on stage for thousands of people with Justin Bieber, that’s a dream come true!

Tiara Bates is an Australian dancer who started dancing at the age of 3 years old.

“It started out with me pointing and twirling my toes as a baby in a pram to a three-year- old prancing and leaping around the lounge room demanding mom’s attention every minute to give her a performance,” she said.

All of Tiara’s friends knew that a visit to her house wasn’t complete without choreographing a dance together.  Before long, Tiara’s mum decided it was time to send her to a dance studio but it wasn’t until she was 10 years old that she bumped her dancing hours up to 18+ hours a week.

After taking dancing seriously, she was placed in the YYC Dance Project, a Canadian company from the School of Alberta Ballet. Tiara had been training at the School of Alberta Ballet for two years when one of the older dancers informed the junior team that Justin Bieber was holding an audition to find four dancers to join him on his tour.

‘To apply all you had to do was post a YouTube video audition, so I auditioned,” she said.

“Around two months passed after I posted my video audition on YouTube I received an email from Justin Bieber’s dance crew (The Purpose Tour Dancers) congratulating me and informing me that I’d be dancing with Justin Bieber in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.”

“I was thrilled beyond words!” she said.

Tiara couldn’t contain her excitement after hearing the news. It was almost too good to be true!

“I remember my brother picking me up and spinning me around as I screamed,” she exclaimed.

“I was really going to be dancing with Justin Bieber! I felt humbled and determined to keep pushing my limits to become the best I can be,” she said.

The day Tiara found out, she headed into her dance class to find three other dancers were also chosen to dance with Justin Bieber!

Tiara was lucky enough to share this amazing experience with some of her best friends!

When it came time for her dance on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, she was suddenly start struck with the idea that Justin Bieber was right behind her!

“I had a moment there on stage when my creative dancing thoughts froze but I had to get my head together and stay professional as all the lights beamed on me,” she said.

“I felt so happy. I almost lost it when Justin said my name to the crowd.”

“I was extremely impressed that he pronounced my name correctly. Most Americans call me t-e- ara instead of t-i- ara. So that was cool!” she exclaimed.


Not only did she have the opportunity to meet and dance with Justin Bieber, she was also treated to the full VIP experience.

“The VIP Room was awesome though! There was food and drink there for us , along with two of the original BELIEVE tour costumes he wore displayed in a cabinet,” she said.

“Oops, I can’t forget the photo-booth with life size cut outs of Justin to pose with. And we had the entire VIP Room all to ourselves!”

“It was the best!” she explained.

This experience has been a highlight of her career so far but she has always had a dream of working within the medical industry.

“I remember doing procedures on my dolls and bandaging them up when they got ‘hurt’,” she said.

“Only a few years back I decided for sure I wanted to be an emergency room doctor.”

“But for now I really want to focus on my dance and hopefully do some acting and modelling too,” she said.

Do you have any advice for aspiring young performers?

Never EVER EVER give up! No matter what you go through or what people tell you do not let it get you down. Do not compete to the flower next to you but simply just bloom. Stay positive, believe in yourself. Use dance as your strength. Show ‘em what you’ve got. Absorb everything you learn in your dance class. Have fun!


Follow Tiara on her socials:

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Written by Monique Lombardo

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