Open classes aren’t just for the advanced, their for everyone to share the love of dance together! So why not try a new dance style and mix up your flavour at different open classes.

There might be one close to you, so check out our top 10 studios that specialise in open classes!


10. O2 Studios.

O2 Studios specialise in Urban dance classes from beginners to advanced. This Melbourne studio brings a stellar line up of choreographers including Etienne Khoo, Trevor Santos, Briana Cohen and Gerrad Pigg.

9. Crossover Dance Studio

Crossover is your one stop for all the hottest street styles! If you want to broaden your flavour and learn some awesome new styles, then Crossover is the place to be! With classes in Popping, Krumping, Locking and Breaking, there’s always a new style waiting for you to master!

8. Sydney Dance Company

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If your after classes in each genre, then the Sydney Dance Company is your haven. With classes from Contemporary with Jason Winters to beginners Hip Hop with Jayden Rodrigues, there’s a class for you!

7. Melbourne Academy of Performing Arts 

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MAPA holds open classes for beginners on Tuesday to Thursday and holds open classes for Intermediate/ Advanced dancers with various choreographers! This Melbourne studio is perfect for advanced dancers who love learning from a new teacher each week.


6. Brent Street

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Brent Street have open classes that cater for beginners/intermediate and intermediate/advanced. The beginner/intermediate stream run classes in Hip Hop and Jazz with an aim to increase coordination, flexibility and fitness. Their intermediate/advanced stream is aimed toward dancers looking to challenge themselves with the latest choreography.


5. Mad Dance House

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Mad Dance House is everything you would ever want in one studio! This Brisbane dance studio offers a huge range of styles including Girl Street, Dance Grooves and Salsa! This is perfect for Brisbane dancers who want to be more versatile.

4. VHub

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With an all-star lineup of choreographers, VHub is the place to be to learn from industries best! This Brisbane studio holds classes from beginners Hip Hop to Girly Hip Hop, Dancehall and Commercial Jazz.

3. Groove Therapy

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Groove Therapy is revolutionising open classes by providing a no judgement space for people who have always wanted dance. With classes in various locations around Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, they are designed to empower people to find a love for dance with dim lights and no mirrors!


2. Your Hip Hop Class

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Your Hip Hop Class is an open dance studio in Surry Hills and Campbelltown with an aim to break down the barriers between Hip Hop and the professional industry. This studio isn’t just for adults, they even provide classes for 0.G groovers!



DUTI or Dancing Under The Influence is the Inner West’s hub for open classes. They specialise in a mix of Contemporary and Urban dance styles with a huge repertoire of choreographers to keep you on your toes!

Written by Monique Lombardo

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