At a summer camp at the age of 7, James Maras fell in love with dance. But little did he know that his decision to start dancing would lead him to a life that would allow him to work on his passions every day.

Now, at just the age of 19, the lyrical and contemporary dancer has been involved in Candy Man The Musical, Contemporary show-“NOTHING”, Machismo NXTGEN, Industry night, concept videos, television work, Bollywood gigs and performed for NuSkin cosmetics.

James had the opportunity to work closely with talented choreographers and teachers during his time a Brent Street’s full time. Whilst completing full time last year, James also attended Pulse dance convention where he won a scholarship to attend classes at Broadway Dance Centre this year!

With a repertoire of experience up his sleeve, auditioning for ‘Love Is Love‘ seemed like a natural fit.

“I knew this was something I would want to do performing dancing in a show is what I love doing, weather that be a musical, contemporary company or a commercial dance show, it’s what I love most!” he says.

“Honestly, it was the best audition I think I will ever do!”

“I learnt so much just from the audition and it makes me so excited to start working on the show!” he explains.

After the audition, James was chosen as part of the lead cast playing the role of one of the sons with the theme ‘unrequited love.’

“I had to research this one and I find it so relatable and I’m keen to play this character!” he says.

In anticipation of the show, James wants this experience to showcase his all-round talents.

“I want to show versatility, that I am not just a contemporary dancer but I can do everything, including playing the character! he says.

“I also want to make the audience feel something,” he expresses.

With an amazing line up of choreographers, James is looking forward to working with choreograohers that he hasn’t had the chance to learn from as yet.

“Learning from different choreographers is what makes a lot of this so special, I’m keen to pick their brains a bit as I’m also very keen on teaching and choreographing,” he says.

Do you have any advice for aspiring young performers?

“BALLET!!!!!! Work hard and really listen to what your teacher is saying. They aren’t there for their own benefit they’re there for yours and to help you! Do your own research and learn about the industry. Don’t wait for someone to tell you about something or someone. Watch videos.”

Tickets for Love Is Love are now on sale in Sydney, Central Coast and Canberra. Click here to purchase tickets.

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Written by Monique Lombardo

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