“Dancers are the athletes of God”, no truer words could have been spoken by the genius that was, Albert Einstein. If Albert Einstein was so lucky as to watch Enter The Vortex from above, he would have looked over to God and said, “I told you…”

A vortex is described as ‘whirling’, ‘whirlpool’ or ‘whirlwind’ and ‘Enter The Vortex’ definitely lived up to its name. Throughout the 60 minute show, the audience was taken on a journey, swirling through the incredibly creative mind of Sarah Boulter.

The sense of being inside a vortex was cleverly depicted through the use of the circular motif throughout the show–from the brilliant opening to the thrilling end. Eden Petrovski was the essence of a ‘whirlwind’ as she was strapped in a harnesses and held taut by another dancer. She sprinted in a circle only to have the energy released as she threw herself through the air and to the floor. The show takes you on a journey of frantic and highly energetic dancers, to sudden stillness, emotion and sensuality keeping the audience on the edge of their seat.

The show began with a solo by the incredible Ben Zammit. Unfortunately for Ben, as brilliant as he is, the audience’s attention was well and truly captured by the piece of material dancing in the air. The fabric enchanted us. We watched in awe as our eyes were diverted to the piece of fabric drifting through space, folding and unfolding; controlled, yet free, at the same time. It was a brilliant opening that forced us to the edge of our seats, eager to continue on the journey through the vortex.

The use of theatrics was prevalent throughout, adding drama, intrigue and excitement to a show that was so much more than ‘just’ a dance show.  A couple examples of the theatrical moments were when,  Dayton Tavares  strutted on stage with a red ribbon that suddenly turned into a silver rod in front of our eyes and Catarina Santos floated in thin air, expertly executed by her and the whole cast.

Sarah Boulter and Marko Panzic used many facets of entertainment to build ‘Enter The Vortex’, including the introduction of a brilliantly talented live singer by the name of Loren Hunter. Her haunting voice was first introduced to us as she sang ‘Crying’ in Latin. She came back on for a solo and for a riveting quadruple duo section, where four sets of partners were highlighted under spotlight, at each corner of the stage for the work titled, ‘Natural Habitat’.

While enthralled in the show, it was evident that Sarah Boulter very cleverly created her choreography to enhance each dancer’s strengths, creating a sense of collaboration and confidence from the dancers that exudes from their body in each movement. The show is broken into solos, duos and groups, expertly showcasing each dancer.

Sarah Boulter, brilliantly portrayed the sensuality and power of the female dancers and the strength and power of the male dancers in group routines dedicated to each gender. They were then brought together in an explosive manner over and over again.

The show was brilliant with talented dancers, however there were standout dancers who demanded our attention. Ben Zammit captured our eyes throughout the show with his incredible movement and talent, Chanel Cahill entranced us in a routine which showcased her Pointe and Ballet training, Eden Petrovski who literally took our breath away by her athleticism and stamina and Lucy Doherty who seized our hearts by her sheer presence, emotion and vulnerability.

As a collective, the cast of dancers from ‘Enter The Vortex‘, well and truly put their bodies on the line and blew the audience away with their athleticism, strength, power and beauty. The audience walked away in absolute awe of the commitment and dedication of the dancers.

Not only did the cast have to learn the incredible choreography, they also learnt how to perform magic tricks and learnt to work with a multitude of props such as harnesses, lights and ropes–all mixed in with the sheer stamina needed to last the show. Incredibly, they did it all effortlessly.

‘Enter The Vortex’ is a true testament to the talent in the Australian dance industry. From producers such as Marko Panzic who are creating incredible shows, to choreographers such as Sarah Boulter who are envisioning inspiring movement, to the incredible dancers putting on an awe-inspiring show.

Bravo, ‘Enter The Vortex’.

Click here for further information on the rest of their tour.

Season 3 Cast:   Alice Robinson  Ben Zammit  Bianca Rezo  Callum Mooney   Catarina Santos Chanel Cahill  Dayton Tavares  Eden Petrovski   Lauren Seymour   Lucy Doherty  Mitch Wynter    Neale Whittaker   Rob McLean   Sam Turpin  Loren Hunter (vocals) James Maras (Understudy) Jazz Luna (Understudy) Strickland Young (Understudy)

Choreographer: Sarah Boulter

Producer: Marko Panzic

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