Dance Central is all about freedom of expression through the art of movement and dance. Established in 2005, Dance Central is a renowned Dance Studio in Canberra who prides themselves on building the confidence and resilience of each student so they can achieve their dreams. 

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Whether you are a well experienced dancer or new to dancing, Dance Central will welcome you with open arms, with classes for all ages, all genres and all levels. Anything is possible at Dance Central–from learning how to groove to dominating the stage in performances. The studio radiates with love and passion and makes sure that everyone who walks through the doors feels the love whilst exploring their style of dance!

Dance Central is home to four state of the art studios, a comfy waiting area for parents, kitchen, office, reception and a study area for students in their breaks. With over 100 classes running per week, with over 10,000 students, this unique studio continues to grow exponentially.  


Their classes range form their toddler program Blueberries –where young dancers learn all components of the arts–to Ballet, Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Broadway Jazz and Break Dancing.

They also offer elite programs for students who want to excel and grow as a dancer and performer. Dance Central’s Hip Hop Crews and Eisteddfod Troupes have had the amazing opportunity to travel and compete in Las Vegas, San Diego, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne.

Dance Central’s Hip Hop Crews

JNR Development Crew (Non Competitive Team, Ages: 6-12)

DKC (Award winning Competitive Team, Ages: 8-12)

VDC (Varsity Development Crew, Ages: 12-18)

DCV (Award winning Competitive Team, Ages: 12-18)

Mercy (Award winning Competitive Team, Ages: 18+)

DCM (Mega Crew consisting of All Ages)


Dace Central’s  Technical groups:

Over 14s (Award winning Competitive Team)

Under 14s (Award winning Competitive Team)

Under 12s (Award winning Competitive Team)

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Now to meet parts of the Faculty, who make up the huge DC Family!

Julie Scheer


Julie Scheer is the heart and soul of Dance Central as Director and Founder!

What’s your favourite music to dance to?

“We dance to anything in our house! I love dance & house music, 90’s hip hop and RnB and 80’s music.”

Why do you love to dance?

Dancing is an awesome form of expression, there is nothing else like it. When I dance, I am in my element, it’s exuberating, exhilarating and rewarding. It’s a great place to escape to and it’s so much fun.

What’s the best thing about dance?

“I love the beauty, creativity and diversity of dance. Dance is an art form, forever changing and evolving and I love being a part of that. One of my favourite creative dance company’s is the Bangarra Dance Company.

What trend do you love right now?

“I love the ‘being mindful’ trend, I have never seen more people care about what they’re eating and where their food has come from. I love seeing people be more active and finding ways to channel their creativity. I grew up on a farm in the Snowy Mountains, we grew our own veggies, lambs, chickens, rain water and even chamomile tea! Having an appreciation for where everything comes from and growing it for my own family is extremely fulfilling for the soul.”

When I grow up, I want to be…..

“Happy, healthy and surrounded by people I love, my friends and family.”

Aggie Czezowska


Meet Aggie! The Young Gun’s (VDC) crew leader for 2016!

What do you love about dance?

“I love the expression of dance, the way that you can manipulate the music and your body to create and portray your inner emotions. “

What is your greatest dance achievement?

“My greatest dance achievement is competing at the World Hip Hop internationals in 2010 and 2013.”

What do you love about being a teacher at Dance Central?

“My favourite part of teaching at Dance Central are the students, their passion and determination.”

Tasharna Bourne


Meet Sharni! The Varsity, Jnr and Open (DCV, DKC & Mercy) crew leader for 2016!

What do you love about dance?

“I love that dance is so expressive. I love how you can embody different characters for different styles and change everything about the way you are moving to suit a song. I love the freedom it gives you.”

What is your greatest dance achievement?

“I have been to world championships twice, but I think my own personal greatest achievement would be our most recent competition.. I started teaching last year and this year I was given the most amazing opportunity to teach 3 crews who finished 2016 by one placing 2nd and two placing first in Australia.”

What do you love about being a teacher at Dance Central?

“God damn.. everything? There isn’t anywhere else I would go! At Dance Central we are all about growth and we do whatever it takes to make sure our students are constantly growing and learning. As a teacher we don’t restrict our students by our own limitations and if we feel like we aren’t the best at a certain “style” we bring in the best.. not only to teach the students but to teach us so we all grow together. Our students are our number one priority and everything we do is to benefit them and I love it. Julie is so understanding and so giving, she fully trusts my decisions and  judgement–which makes us a great team. So in conclusion, Dance Central is the”

Wayde Webster


Meet Wayde! Dance Central’s Inter/Advanced Hip Hop Teacher for 2016!

What do you love about dance?

“Dance lets me express emotions and feelings in a way that words can’t.”

What is your greatest dance achievement?

“Making it into the World Hip Hop International finals twice.”

What do you love about being a teacher at Dance Central?

“I love that I get to teach and share my love of dance with other teachers and students that love dance just as much as me. I also love making a lasting impact on youth and teaching them life skills as well as dance skills.”

Riley Gills

dc 2.jpg

Meet Riley! One of Dance Central’s Jazz and Tap Teachers for 2016!

What do you love about dance?

“I love being able to use dance as a release! Dispelling tension and energy in a positive fun way.”

What is your greatest dance achievement?

“My greatest accomplishment as a dancer was winning the ADCC adult division as a part of MERCY.”

What do you love about being a teacher at Dance Central?

“I love the being able to come to Dance Central and teach little kids who wait all week to come to dance. I love knowing that I helped shape the beautiful dancer they will one day become.”

Let’s hear it from the students who spend endless hours at the studio, radiating the love and creating the positive vibes of DC!

Touriek Graham

dc 3.jpg

What do you love about being apart of the DC Family?

“I love being apart of the DC Family because they want you to be the best you can be and all your teachers see that you get as far as you can and further. We really are a family!  #LaFamila”

How has DC impacted you?

“DC has reintroduced me to the love of dance and being apart of something greater than myself.”

Your favourite thing about dancing?

“My favourite part of dancing is the feeling when you’re on stage or at a competition and you know you’re killing it and you get to see everyone watch you do what you love.”

Indigo Butler-Moss

What do you love about being apart of the DC Family? 

“I love all the incredible opportunities that DC has brought. I literally don’t think anywhere else has as many amazing opportunities as we do.”

How has DC impacted you?
“DC has impacted me by teaching me so many skills and basically making me the dancer I am today.”

Your favourite thing about dancing?
“My favourite thing about dancing is being able to convey emotion through dance.”

Sarah Duffy


What do you love about being apart of the DC Family?

“I love being part of the DC family because of the positive vibe everyone at the studio gives off. As soon as you walk into the studio it feels like home when you are welcomed by everyone there and I love that about the environment at DC. We all want everyone to improve and do well so there is a strong support and love. I couldn’t imagine my life without all the people at DC that are so important to me which just increases the passion I have for dance.”

How has DC impacted you?

“Dance Central has really helped me develop as a dancer in a range of styles, both in Hip Hop as well as the technical styles. I love that they offer classes that start at a beginner level and go up to advanced so that there has always been the right class for me. Being part of their eisteddfod troupe has challenged me as a dancer and pushed me to become the best I can be. We are pushed to limits so that we can create new limits and that is a great way to grow.”

Your favourite thing about dancing?

“My favourite thing about dancing is that there is always something to work towards. You are always aiming for more turns or a higher kick and the challenge of that drives me. I love that if you work hard you can see the improvements and set new goals for yourself. In dance, you can also find inspiration in other dancers. This is something that I find strengthens my passion for the artistic sport.”

Written by DETRIBE ambassador Georgina Smith, and edited by the Danced Editorial team. 

For more information on Dance Central and how you can get involved, head to the website

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