Located in Mitchell, Canberra, Elite Dance Studio is filled with beautiful students, teachers and parents.

This isn’t your ordinary dance studio, this is a dance family!

Known for their welcoming and friendly atmosphere, Elite strives to make their students passion for dance their priority with the very best training for all dancers.

Elite offers a large range of class in different dance styles including Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, B-Boys, Acrobatics, Conditioning classes, Music Theatre, Broadway Jazz, Performance Troupes and Hip Hop crews.



As soon as you walk into the studio, you instantly know that you’re at home.

Oozing with good vibes and positive energy, you can feel the pure joy of every dancer who walks through the front door.



Hanging in the hallway are photos that showcase the talent that surrounds the studio. They capture highlights from previous performances accompanied with inspirational quotes that prove the success of Elite dancers. This is a place where every dancer belongs, in one family, each supporting one another.



Being at the studio daily means that I was able to interview the amazing Elite teachers and find out what they think about Elite Dance Studio.



When did you open Elite? I opened Elite in 2011, six months before the studio starting running.

What is your favourite part about Elite? To pick just one is impossible! I love the dedication, passion and eagerness to learn. I love the support I get from my amazing staff who bring such an amazing energy to the studio and are inspiring my students to consistently improve. I love our family vibe, Elite is one big happy family our partners and friends are one of a kind and we are truly blessed to be surrounded by people who want to encourage their children to express themselves. I love that even on a bad day Elite still makes me smile.

What do you think makes Elite different from other studios? Elite is not about winning trophies or being Instagram famous. At Elite we expose our students to different genres and teachers. We want them to have as much knowledge and inspiration as possible. We try to give them a taste of what it is like at a full-time dance training centre and knowledge of the industry after. We are about training ‘smart dancers‘. We do this in an encouraging environment, as well as encourage students to do workshops at other studios. We have an amazing relationship with other dance schools in Canberra which I think is a unique quality.

How long have you been teaching for? I’ve been teaching for 10 years in total and 5 years with Elite. I was born to teach dance!

What’s the best thing about teaching at/ owning Elite? My Students. They keep me on my toes, they work hard and are eager to learn. They inspire me to keep coming up with new and exciting concepts. And above all else they make me so happy and proud.



When did you start teaching at Elite? I have been at Elite since it opened in 2012.

What is the best thing about teaching at Elite? The kids I get to work with are dedicated, motivated and a blast to be around!

What is your favourite dance style? Hippy-to-the-Hop

What classes do you teach and why do you love teaching them? I regularly teach the Hip Hop crew; ‘Lady Danger’. I’ve been teaching these girls since the crew’s inception and watching them grow has been an unreal experience. I love our training sessions every week and love when I get to watch them kill the stage! I am also lucky enough to guest teach for various troupe, solo and duo routines which is always a positive and creative challenge for me!




When did you start at Elite? I started at Elite in February 2011.

What is your favourite part about Elite? The professionalism that it takes to run the dance school and the bond between the students and teachers is incredible.

What classes do you teach and why do you love teaching them? I teach three classes. B-Boys, Snr 1 Hip Hop and Snr 2 Hip Hop. I love teaching because it’s very rewarding watching your work come to life with such talented and enthusiastic students.




What do you think makes Elite different from other studios? I 100% the love and passion of all of the students and teachers give to each other.

What is your favourite part about Elite? My favourite part about Elite is the vibe you get as soon as you walk into the studio! It is so positive and you can feel it.

What classes do you teach and why do you love to teach? I teach contemporary at Elite and I love it because it’s an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone as I usually only teach Hip Hop and Jazz.




What is your favourite part about Elite? The students always come to class with a smile on their faces. They want to work hard and are always keen to better themselves through dance. Amy is also a gun in her organisational skills!

What classes do you teach and why do you love teaching them? I teach lots of different classes. My students age from 4-14 years old. I enjoy the variety of age groups as each class does a very different thing. The younger ones enjoy activities and games to help in their dance development, where the older ones focus on picking up choreography and perfecting routines. Whatever type of class it is, it’s important that students are enjoying what they do.

What is your favourite dance style? My favourite dance style is Hip Hop. Although I also love Jazz, Tap and Contemporary.




What makes Elite different from other studios? Elite has a certain flavour that it’s community holds elegance and style in both their dancing and their life. I love this about Elite.

How long have you been teaching for? Two years

What classes do you teach and why do you love teaching them? Contemporary, lyrical, acrobatics, yoga and strength and conditioning. I love to teach because it is my avenue to connect with people of all ages. When I teach, I love to make it a full experience, so it feels like classes for the soul for my students. I want them to walk out feeling better than when they walked in. I want them to feel inspired every lesson to be the best person they can be, and fuelled by dance!




How long have you been teaching for? I’ve taught my own classes for two years now, but I started student teaching and gaining experience from the age of 14.

What classes do you teach and why do you love teaching them? I teach senior ballet. One thing that makes me love teaching is being able to watch the progress the students make throughout the year and knowing you’ve played a part in that. Seeing their confidence and love for dance grow is one of the best feelings!

What makes Elite different to other studios? One thing Elite promotes is a positive attitude, and a true love and enjoyment of dance. This means happy students and happy teachers! It’s a safe place to make mistakes and to learn from them in a supportive setting.


Written and contributed by our DETRIBE member Kiarrah Williams.

Edited by our DE team.



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