Artistic pursuits and the Australian Government don’t usually go hand in hand. We are constantly hearing and seeing how the arts are demeaned by the Government via mainstream media and in the process demoralising thousands of creatives all across Australia.

Which is why we at Dance Editorial are so excited to bring you this incredibly uplifting and positive story of how a NSW Government initiative is aiming to support people’s dance practice through small one-off grants that inspire and develop dance artist’s skills.

AUSDANCE NSW are at it again, providing the assistance needed for dancers to push the boundaries of innovation.

The Innovating Dance Practice grant is an AUS DANCE initiative to assist professional dancers residing in NSW to develop and innovate their practice through funds made available by Arts NSW of behalf of the NSW Government.




As part of a three-year initiative, the IDP grant assists dancers and choreographers across the state to provide professional development opportunities around the world as part of an Arts NSW devolved funding program.

In the first round, artists from all over NSW; from Western Sydney to Regional NSW are partaking in mentorships and residencies to explore new mediums.

Ausdance NSW Director Michelle Silby states, “We are thrilled to have been successful in initiating this opportunity for independent dance artists in NSW”.

Arts NSW Director Michael Brealey said six NSW dance practitioners have been awarded up to $5000 each to develop and innovate their practice. “True to it’s vision, Create in NSW, the NSW Government is working to build the skills of our diverse dance practitioners and to raise their profile and recognition here and overseas…. and stretch their limits and reach their goals”.

Some recipients of this incredible grant so far have been:

Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal – Who is researching embodied anatomy and kinesiology for dance. She is training in an international course based in New York City, she is passionate about integrating cultural histories and physicality through somatic training principals in coastal New South Wales.

Ryuichi Fukimara – Who will undertake a mentorship with Dance Artist and Body and Mind Centring practitioner Alice Cummings in Melbourne. They will explore somatic and perceptual techniques to generate original ways of moving, refine technique and develop sensitivity to the relational field.

If you have the ideas and the innovation then visit for details on the grant and application.

From all of us at Dance Editorial, we wish you all the best of luck and we extend a huge thank you to AUS Dance for providing such incredible opportunity to our dance community.





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