Regarded as one of the best in the league, the Cronulla Sharks recently had their search to bring on board the next group of highly trained professional dancers to amplify their 2017 game day entertainment and reigning premiership. The game day squad consists of a highly trained group of dancers, performing fresh new routines and sidelines at each home game, wowing the fans with high energy performances, love for the sport and the Cronulla Sharks.

The Cronulla Sharks Mermaids are an elite group consisting of 25 professional dancers who are hand picked each season, trained up and continue to be the best in the league. Coordinated and managed by Jacqueline-lee Elliott, Creative Director of  JLD.Entertainment.

Recently, on December 4, Dance Editorial were lucky enough to head to the call-back auditions for the 2017 Mermaids team. We were invited to capture the excitement and energy of the audition and we think it perfectly resembles the teams personality.

Everyone performed beautifully, check it out below!


See below the list of the successful Cronulla Sharks Mermaid & 67 crew:
Madison foster
Rachel Brailey
Tahlia Roccazzella
Bree Moore
Abby Lawson
Boadicea Elden
Kati Manning
Jessica Colless
Brittany Quintana
Charlie Powell
Lacey Kelly
Helena Brunhoj
Jem Hahn
Hannah Stewart
Alie Coste
Phillipa Ferreira
Karla Mura
Annie Smits
Rhianna Lucas
Olivia Scanlan
Lauren Barrett
Adrienne turner
Jessica Gallimore
Maddison Fuller
Brooke Murray
Ally Henson
Amelia Hamil
Rachelle Vaughan
Sharmaine Amurao
Madelane Knowles
Sienna Moore

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